White Paper – Netnography: The Marketer’s Secret Weapon

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This 2010 white paper by the founder of the discipline of netnography provides a very clear and well-organized breakdown of the key terms, steps to research, and components of netnography. The article focuses on how social media understanding can drive innovation. The article introduces the concept of netnography and breaks down the marketing and social media space. It examines the question of how netnography is different than other methods. The author explores online data collection and computationally assisted netnography, social media uses, netnography and management, and provides some key takeaways and lessons.

This article will be of use to researchers and practitioners who are looking for a very clear and well-organized breakdown of netnography and its various components. It is a very well laid out and concise resource by the discipline’s founder.

Robert V. Kozinets

March 2010