Vox Digitas

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This 2014 eBook by some of the field’s leading authors provides a foundational background into social media research and analytics. Vox Digitas (Digital Voices) examines the potential of listening to digital voices on Twitter, and looks at how European citizens use Twitter to discuss issues related to the EU and its contemporary political and economic crises. The eBook includes five chapters that discuss the political environment of social media in Europe, research design and methodologies, the use of Twitter, case studies of real world events, and the authors’ observations on the current digital space. The book also examines the value of social media research, along with its challenges and ethical considerations.

This eBook should be considered a foundational piece for those newly engaging the field of social media research from a PVE perspective. It will be of particular use to researchers, practitioners and policy makers looking to expand their knowledge of the field of social media research and analytics. The second chapter in particular discusses the authors’ research design, data collection, data analysis and interpretation, and some of the ethical considerations to social media research.

Jamie Bartlett, Carl Miller, Jeremy Reffin, David Weir, and Simon Wibberley