Troll Wrastling for Beginners: Data-Driven Methods to Decrease Hatred Online

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This recorded talk with Susan Benesch, a fellow at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society deals with data driven methods to decrease hate online. Troll Wrastling, according to Benesch is the need to engage with trolls (offensive or provocative online poster), in part because it may be the most successful path to countering dangers speech on the internet. Benesch believes that punishment and censorship are not robust strategies, and instead that dangerous speech should be addressed through counter-speech.


Researchers and practitioners interested in producing or studying counter narratives to extremist ideologies would be well suited to study Benesch’s in-depth work and use this lecture as a starting point to learn more about her theories on dangerous speech.


Full video is available here >>

Susan Benesch

March 2014