Terrorism and Communication: A Critical Introduction

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This 2013 textbook examines terrorism in relation to the field of communication studies. The core tenant of the book is that terrorism is essentially a message. It is based on the two premises that there is a symbiotic relationship between terrorism and media and that globalization has given terrorism unprecedented ubiquity. The focus of this book is largely modern Islamist-related terrorism and the ongoing War on Terror.

This book will be of use to scholars, researchers and practitioners working at the intersection of terrorism and the media and also those interested in the agenda setting power of the media and how politically oriented groups can utilize various forms of media and mass communications to propagate their narratives. Issues covered within the book include two-way communication, mass communications, media theory, visual communications, semiotics, intercultural communication, social constructionism, political communication, rhetoric persuasion, linguistics, group dynamics, organizational communication, globalization, international communication, new media, interpersonal communication, nonverbal communication, conflict management, and crisis communication. 

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Jonathan Matusitz