Semantic Lexicon Expansion for Concept-Based Aspect-Aware Sentiment Analysis

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This paper concerns the creation of a prototype for sentiment analysis, capable of discerning key aspects of an entity under review, and the type of polarity in the response associated with it. This study and its research is ontological in nature, regarding the application of applying semantic assets in order to improve current information identification techniques. For the purposes of the work, the researchers began from primitive item reviews and connected them to associated opinions, discussing the eventual sophistication of the starting variables. By the end, the team had created a system wherein the computing could reasonably determine the quality of a review and the nature of its focus, serving as a prototype for concept-based aspect-aware sentiment analysis.

This article will be most useful to researchers looking to develop a sentiment analysis tool of their own.

Anni Coden, Dan Gruhl, Neal Lewis, Pablo N. Mendes, Meena Nagarajan, Cartic Ramakrishnan, and Steve Welch