Pedlars of Hate: The Violent Impact of the European Far Right

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This report analyzes over one hundred cases from 2010 through 2012 as it describes the various stages that far right movements move through, from peddling hate online to violence and death on the streets. Many aspects of far-right violence are discussed – from online death threats to arson and murder. While some of the cases suggest that small underground groups are stockpiling weapons and preparing for ‘race war’, including far right threats to those researching the issue, it would be wrong to see the situation in terms of one single and coherent far-right movement taking root across Europe. As the article details, each far-right movement builds on its country’s particular extremist tradition.

This article will be beneficial to researchers that seek to document the online presence of the extreme right in Europe, and how they have adapted to online platforms that circumvent usual legal outlets.

Liz Fekete