Technology Against Terrorism

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Technology can be used for good or for malicious purposes. Some uses of the Internet and information and communications technologies (ICT) for terrorist purposes are often indistinguishable from regular usage. Also trans-border complexities of the Internet make addressing related issues challenging, particularly in the area of terrorist or violent extremist content.
The overall goal of the Tech Against Terrorism Project is to build bridges between business and government, civil society and academia. The startup focus addresses the fact that smaller tech businesses face these challenges alone, and often need to define for themselves their own code of conduct or self regulation. The project is a joint venture between the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED) and the Swiss NGO ICT4Peace, with the support of ICT industry leaders,
The “Tech Against Terrorism” project will work with Member States and technology and communication companies to:
  • Provide resources and guidance
  • Offer a think tank environment and encourage peer learning and support from others who have faced similar challenges
  • Develop links between startups and larger businesses, government, and academia.