Netnography: Doing Ethnographic Research Online

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This 221 page book is a seminal text on the discipline of Netnography, written by the field’s founding author. While somewhat dated given its 2010 publication date, it is nevertheless a highly informative and foundational text. The book explores that conduct of ethnographic research over the Internet, specifically designed to study cultures and communities online. The author outlines full procedural guidelines for the accurate and ethical conduct of ethnographic research in cyberspace, with detailed step-by-step guidance to thoroughly introduce, explain, and illustrate methods to researchers.

This book will be of use to researchers and practitioners of PVE communities interested in expanding into netnography and ethnographic research online. The author surveys some of the latest research up to its publication year of 2010, on online cultures and communities. The book focuses on the methods used to study them, with examples focusing on the emerging elements of blogosphere, microblogging, videocasting, podcasting, social media, virtual worlds, and more. An updated version (second edition) of the book, Netnography: Redefined, is also included in this portal.

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Robert V. Kozinets