Monitoring Online Hate Speech in South Sudan: Preliminary Findings

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This article provides an insightful look into a project focused on monitoring online hate speech in South Sudan. The project is a joint collaboration pilot project between iHub Research and Search for Common Ground (SfCG). The study borrows from the Umati Project that has been monitoring hate speech as a potential catalyst to mass violence in Kenya and Nigeria. The focus is on identifying, monitoring and mapping speech that could catalyze violence in the South Sudan social media space. A further aim of the project is to disseminate the research findings and discuss strategies for constructive peace messages against hate speech in South Sudan.

This article will be of use to researchers and practitioners interested in monitoring hate speech in social media platforms. It will also be of use to those interested in counter narratives and peace initiatives using cyberspace and social media.

Full article is available here >>

Nanjira Sambuli

February 2016