Jihad Trending: A Comprehensive Analysis of Online Extremism and How to Counter it

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This report hopes to contribute to developing research in the ever-evolving arena of radicalisation with a particular focus on the role of the Internet. The study’s aim is to provide a resource for both policy makers and practitioners that offers an in-­depth insight into the means by which extremists use online tools to propagandise and recruit. While previous research has focussed on specific aspects of this phenomenon, this report aims to provide a comprehensive analysis encompassing both qualitative and quantitative methods. It also offers a detailed and practical guide on how to turn the tide against extremists online and reclaim the Internet.

Researchers in the field of web studies and policy will find much value in this source, as it deals with the ramifications of offline connections preempting online indoctrination, the drawbacks of censorship, and the development of counter-extremist content.


Ghaffar Hussain and Erin Marie Saltman

May 2014