Gang Presence in Social Network Sites

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This 2011 article provides an insightful look into the presence of gangs on social media and social networking websites. The article is based on a qualitative study that aimed to analyze the presence of gangs in social media, with a particular emphasis on Canada but also including other countries. The authors use a keyword-based approach to evaluate how criminal groups in Canada and abroad are using online social networks to recruit new members and broadcast messages both publically and privately. The article discusses their data collection methodology, as well as their results and recommendations for both policy and future research on the subject.

This article will be of use to PVE researchers and practitioners interested in the ways that criminal groups operate on social media, and in particular, those interested in gangs in Canada. The authors cover a cross-section of gangs, including biker gangs, African American and Latino gangs.

David Décary-Hétu and Carlo Morselli