Ethical Decision-Making and Internet Research: 2.0

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The Ethical Decision-Making and Internet Research document is described as a set of guidelines concerning the day-to-day practices of researchers across multiple disciplines, countries and contexts. It is primarily devised with the intention of providing experienced researchers with a tool to navigate the dense terrain of ethical issues involved with Internet research. The current version, 2.0, seeks to come to terms with the vastly increased scope of the Internet, new theoretical resources associated with its study, and the invention of new practical methodological techniques.


This source is an invaluable resource for all internet researchers, outlining a comprehensive list of research considerations. Researchers should be well aware that even though it is a useful source it, as the document warns, is constrained by the fact that the Internet and all associated with it is evolving and expanding.

Annette Markham and Elizabeth Buchanan

August 2012