Data Mining of Social Networks Represented as Graphs

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This survey reviews the literature and concepts of the data mining of social networks, with special emphasis on their representation as a graph structure. The article is divided into two principal parts:

  1. A literature review that forms the ‘basis’ and background for the field; and
  2. A section defining a set of ‘hot topics’ that are currently in vogue in congresses and the literature.

This survey will be of use to practitioners and researchers interested in online communities and social networks, their behaviours, influences and relationships, and particularly the graph mining and modelling of these online networks. The ‘basis’ or background part of the article is divided into four major themes: graph theory, social networks, online social networks and graph mining, with the graph mining theme organized into a further ten subthemes. The second, ‘hot topic’ part of the survey, is divided into five major themes: communities, influence and recommendation, models metrics and dynamics, behaviour and relationships, and information diffusion.

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David F. Nettleton