The Dark Net: Inside the Digital Underworld

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This book by Jamie Bartlett, one of the leading authors in social media research, is based on his work in uncovering the way that radical groups operate in the so-called “dark net”. The dark net consists of non-indexed pages on the Internet that are not searchable through Google, or conventional browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. These pages include online marketplaces for the sale illegal items, such as weapons, drugs, and people. They instead require the use of encrypted browsers such as the Tor Browser or other such means. Bartlett first became involved with the Tor Network when researching radical social and political movements. The book provides an insightful and informative look at how the broader Internet is used by various extremist and criminal groups.

This book will be of particular interest to PVE researchers and practitioners interested in how various political, criminal and extremist groups are using the Internet to conduct their activities. While it is beyond the scope of social media, it is nevertheless an important resource for understand the buying and selling of illegal materials that could be used to conduct terrorist attacks or to fund such activities.

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Jamie Bartlett

June 2015