Crowd-sourced information for interior localization and navigation – US Patent 8320939 B1

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This 2012 resource is the full public disclosure of a Google patent used for crowd sourced information and data mapping in smartphone devices. Aspects of the disclosure relate generally to the use of crowd sourced information to generate walkable paths through indoor spaces. Specifically, aspects of the disclosure relate to the recording of data such as accelerometer readings, wireless network or other beacon signal information, and the timestamps while a client device moves within an indoor space. If the user reaches a destination within an indoor space, the client device may prompt the user for information about the destination. The specific information received and recorded by the client may then be sent to a server computer for further processing. The server may use this information to identify walkable paths within indoor spaces, and this information in turn may be used in various ways such as to provide navigation assistance to users of that indoor space.

This valuable resource will be of use to advanced researchers interested in the innovation and development side of crowdsourcing technologies and clients. The disclosure provides numerous images and diagrams, and a comprehensive description including summary, background and uses of the technology, along with methods, and claims made by its authors.

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Luc Vincent - Google Inc.