Charting a New Course: Thought for Action Kit

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This resource is a short e-book type document by the pilot project “Charting a New Course: Women Preventing Violent Extremism” led by the U.S. Institute of Peace. The project aimed to engage a discussion on key issues related to the role of women and preventing violent extremism (PVE). It includes discussions of female recruitment by the Islamic State (ISIS), female foreign fighters, as well as women’s roles in various conflicts and insurgencies throughout the world. Rather than being a tool kit, or for an academic audience, this document is what the authors call a “thought kit” – a collection of expert’s essays and exercises, designed to help guide activists and practitioners to engage in reflection and dialogue on violent extremism.

While not entirely focused on social media, it is fully focused on preventing violent extremism and will be of interest to researchers and practitioners interested in gaining greater awareness of the particular roles of women’s organizations in dealing with violent extremist ideologies. It also provides some insightful snapshots into women’s roles in various conflicts.

Women Preventing Violent Extremism