Centrality Measure in Weighted Networks Based on an Amoeboid Algorithm

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This 2012 article focuses on Social Network Analysis (SNA) and particularly the challenge of identifying central nodes within a given social network. The authors propose a new centrality measure for weighted networks based on the amoeboid algorithm, which is called Physarum centrality. Their method is not only focussed on shortest path, but further includes contributions from competing paths. According to the authors, by defining flux as criticality of edges, Physarum centrality of a node can be easily calculated as summing up the criticality of edges attached to it.

This article will be of use to researchers, scholars and practitioners interested in SNA and particularly measures for node centrality in weighted networks. The authors argue that centrality measure, identifying the centrality of nodes within weighted networks, has become an essential tool in network analysis. A brief hypothetical example and an application in social network are presented by the authors in order to illustrate the effectiveness of their Physarum centrality.

Yajuan Zhang, Zili Zhang, Daijun Wei, Yong Deng